“Brits Waste 4.6 Million Hours A Day Commuting”

Research launched as part of National Commute Smart Week finds ‘smart commuting’ could dramatically reduce travel to and from work.

• 62% of commuters want to reduce time spent travelling to and from work
• Being stuck in traffic, travelling in the dark and wasting time are big frustrations
• 46% say bosses won’t allow them to ‘commute smart’ to reduce their travel time


British workers are wasting 4.6 million hours a day commuting, according to a research report by Citrix  launched today to coincide with National Commute Smart Week. The survey of 2,000 adults finds 62% of commuters want to reduce the time they spend travelling to and from work, with the biggest frustrations being stuck in traffic (42%), issues with public transport (38%), travelling in the dark (36%) and cost (30%).

The report reveals how British workers believe they could significantly reduce the astonishing 26 million hours a day they spend travelling to and from work, by adopting a smarter approach to commuting. The most popular solutions include home working (34%), varying start and finish times (22%) and using technology to enable flexible and remote working (32%).

However, workers are facing barriers to adopting smarter commuting, with 46% saying bosses won’t allow them to work from home or work flexible hours. This is despite almost one in four commuters voicing concerns about the amount of time they waste that could be used more productively.

Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist, said: “Bosses who insist that people all go to work at the same time and stick to a set routine are actually weakening their business. That’s because people generally don’t like being told how to run their life; they feel their boss is controlling them and therefore are actually less motivated. Using the Internet, for instance, to gain increased flexibility means that motivation levels in office staff could rise as people feel more in control of their own destiny.”

Commute Smart Week is a national initiative, organised by Work Wise UK, aimed at encouraging workers to reduce or even eliminate their daily commute to improve health, wellbeing and productivity. The week, now in its third year, takes place from Sunday 8th November to Saturday 14th November 2009.

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