BTP welcomes NR Level Crossing initiative

British Transport Police has been working alongside Network Rail to tackle level crossing misuse.

Over the last four months BTP has run initiatives across Britain as part of Operation Galley.  Dozens of motorists have been warned, given fixed penalties or prosecuted and local publicity has meant that many others have been made aware of the importance of not misusing crossings.

Welcoming today’s renewed initiative by Network Rail around reducing level crossing misuse, British Transport Police Deputy Chief Constable Paul Crowther said:

“Level crossing incidents are almost wholly avoidable and changing driver and pedestrian behaviour has to be a major part of the long term solution.

“The Network Rail proposal calling for specific level crossing knowledge at the point of driver testing is clearly aimed at achieving that change.

“BTP meanwhile has been looking at how some of the lessons from successful roads policing initiatives can also be applied.

“Research shows that installing fixed cameras on roads can have a significant effect in reducing speeding offences at that location by up to 70%.  Similar installations at level crossings, combined with awareness campaigns present an opportunity to achieve sustainable changes in driver behaviour.

“We are keen to explore these opportunities with NWR and others at pilot locations.

“These would combine with current plans to deploy mobile cameras and driver retraining schemes”.

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