Network Rail: Rail safety film wins gold award

A dramatic Network Rail film which aims to improve safety for its people working with on-track plant machinery has won a Gold Award by The International Visual Communications Association (IVCA).

The film entitled “What happened…” depicts a fictional but true to life situation where a track worker is shockingly crushed under a moving piece of machinery. The hard hitting five minute drama which will be shown to up to 90,000 frontline track workers, construction workers and contractors, aims to make them think about their safety and others in their team as they work in an environment where plant is being used. Exclusion zones, blind spots and communication between workers are issues raised in the film.

The film is part of Network Rail’s Safety 365 campaign and it is the third time in five years that the company has won gold for this campaign at these awards.

Julian Lindfield, Network Rail’s director of safety and compliance said: “Our safety record is a good one and we have seen improvements year-on-year but we cannot be complacent. One accident is always one too many and we are continually looking of ways to reduce them by raising awareness of potential hazards. Effective communication between our people in areas of highest risk is a must and the film highlights in dramatic style the dangers of contact between track workers and plant machinery.

“Our 365 films have been very well received by our workforce, in part I think down to the real life situations, which allow the viewer to identify with their everyday environment and really think about how to work safely at all times.”

Mark Shaoul, head of marketing services at Network Rail added: “Ultimately the films aim to reduce incidents, but this award also enabled us to send a clear message that as a business we take safety communications very seriously indeed. I would like to thank the many people from around our business who have contributed to the film and helped make them such a success.”

Whilst safety has vastly improved since Network Rail took over the running of the railway in 2002, with accident frequency rates reducing by over 50%, more can always be done to further improve safety and reduce the number of accidents.

The number of very serious injuries and fatalities involving plant is significant with 30% of all fatalities in last 15 years involving machinery, with moving plant a particular hazard, and the reason for the film’s focus.

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