New report says that rail freight is vital to UK economy

Network Rail says that new research, from the company’s Value and importance of rail freight study, shows that the British economy is boosted annually by £870m due to the rail freight industry. In addition the freight industry indirectly supports an economic output of over £5.9bn.

 The study also shows the freight sector is supporting employment 14 times the number employed directly in the industry (4.7k compared to 66.6k), rail freight generates £185k worth of output per employee almost double the national average (£89k) and rail freight demand is predicted to grow by 30% over the next decade and up to 140% over 30 years.

Network Rail’s director, planning and development Paul Plummer, said: “Britain relies on rail freight. More and more companies are switching to rail and reaping the economic and environmental benefits. As Britain climbs out of recession, Network Rail is boosting business by creating new opportunities for freight.”

A DBS class 66 near Bromsgrove. Picture:

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