First underground train station for Brisbane

The Premier has announced plans to build Brisbane CBD’s first new train station in 100 years as part of Brisbane’s game changing $8 billion Cross River Rail project.

The Albert Street Station is one of four new underground stations including Roma Street, the Boggo Road Urban Village and Woolloongabba.

The Albert Street station will have subway style portal entries from various Street locations on the surface above the new underground station.

Premier Anna Bligh said the underground station, which is part of the multi-billion dollar Cross River Rail project, was a genuine city-building opportunity that was a “game changer” for rail in South East Queensland.

“A station in Albert Street will provide a link directly to the heart of the CBD and make travelling to popular destinations such as the Queen Street Mall, the Botanic Gardens and QUT Gardens Point a lot easier,” she said.

“It will be part of a project that will move 120,000 people in the morning peak into and out of the city. That’s the equivalent of a 30 lane motorway right through the city.

“But one of the most exciting features of the proposed new station is the potential for rejuvenation of the southern part of the CBD.

“Just imagine it – below the surface is a bustling train station integrated with a mix of retail and other commercial activities.

“Above the surface is a new place for the people – a mix of shops, cafes and public space – the new must-visit destination for people travelling to the CBD.

“South East Queensland is a growing region, with the population expected to grow from approximately 3 million now to around 4.4 million by 2031.

“To manage that growth and maintain our liveability we must continue investing in better public transport.

“Cross River Rail is critical to delivering more services from the suburbs to the CBD and without a second river crossing we simply will not have room for more train services between the north and south of Brisbane.

“Last week we laid the first track on the $1 billion Darra to Springfield railway line and we need Cross River Rail so we can keep expanding the network across SEQ.”

Ms Bligh said the Albert Street location was selected following detailed technical investigations as well as feedback from commuters, workers and students that travel to the CBD.

“George Street and Edward Street were considered as potential locations, however Albert Street was selected because it provides the best transport, city and community outcomes,” she said.

Ms Bligh said private sector as well as public funding would be critical for the delivery of Cross River Rail.

The Federal Government is currently providing $20 million and the Queensland Government $5 million for the current feasibility study.

“We will continue to work with the Federal Government and the private sector to see this vital project delivered by 2016 when our studies show it will be needed,” she said.

Transport Minister Rachel Nolan said with the preferred location now selected, the project team would like to hear from the community on a number of key issues.

“Consultation for Cross River Rail is continuing, and four weeks of consultation events will start in late July,” she said.

“These events are a great opportunity for the community to get involved in planning for this vital project.

“The community is encouraged to provide feedback on key project issues, including where entrances to the proposed stations could be located at street level and what the public areas around the entrances could look like.

“In addition, the community can provide feedback on the preferred location for the tunnel to surface in the north and where it could surface in the south.

Brisbane Central Labor MP Grace Grace said the project had the potential to transform the inner city.

“This project can be a real game changer for Brisbane and it has the potential to really revolutionise public transport in this city.”

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