Midland Metro even safer

Midland Metro has always been safe, but it has become even safer over the past year with a 19% drop in crime since the introduction of police community support officers (PCSOs).

Over five million passenger journeys are made on the Metro per year and incidents of crime are few and far between.  From April 2009 to 2010 163 offences were recorded compared with 200 offences between 2008 and 2009.  That is one incident for every 30675 passenger journeys.

However Centro is determined to reduce this number further and will continue to work with British Transport Police to make it even safer.

Sophie Allison, metro transport partnerships manager at Centro said: “There are relatively few incidents of crime on the Midland Metro and it is good to see that they have reduced even further over the past year.  I would like to thank the British Transport Police and Travel Midland Metro for working with us.  This partnership is really important and is providing excellent results.”

There has been an increased presence and visibility of PCSOs and police officers over the past year which has had a significant impact in deterring crime.  This dedicated team of British Transport Police officers provide 24 hour cover on the Metro.

Sergeant Chris Casey, based at Wolverhampton BTP station on Railway Drive, said: “The officers that cover the Metro have delivered a great success; the additional visibility delivered by the PCSO’s has had a great impact by reducing crime and making people feel even safer. Across the force we’ve put a real focus on boosting highly visible evening time patrols and targeting low level antisocial behaviour. Our aim for this year coming is to build more community partnerships to ensure our service delivery matches what the community want.”

As well as the physical presence of police officers all tram stops have CCTV fitted which is linked to the Metro control centre in Wednesbury via an intercom system, so if passengers need information or help they can get it on the platform.

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