Japanese rail operator uses software to ensure staff are getting enough sleep

Central Japan Railway Co is using tailor made software to ensure that its staff are getting enough sleep before they arrive for work.

The sleep self management software is aimed at encouraging employees to get around 7 hours sleep a day by making them aware of just how much sleep they are getting. Some rail workers say that they easily become tired because of the unusual times they sometimes have to book on and off duty and the rail company recognises that there is a limit, because of shift patterns, to what staff can do to stop themselves feeling tired.

The software requires rail staff to enter the times they go to bed and get up and record how tired they feel at work. After 10 days the information is evaluated and staff given a score out of 100. 

Since the implementation of the project many of the company’s drivers have reported that they feel less tired and that their performance has improved.

Research shows that 60% of the Japanese population go to bed after midnight and 64% of the population get up before 7am. This results in 40% of people getting 6 hours of sleep or less a night.

Shinkansen. Picture: www.upmain.com

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