ICE arrives at St Pancras

Today, an ICE3 train arrived in to St Pancras for the first time . From late 2013  Deutsche Bahn expect to run regular services between London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

Today’s arrival follows evacuation trials in the Channel Tunnel, when 2 ICE trains were coupled together.

The evacuation test by DB is to develop a system for the safe evacuation of passengers from a train of 400 metres but with no through corridor ,unlike the current Eurostars. When DB has, in conjunction with Eurotunnel, developed this procedure Eurotunnel will submit it to the Channel Tunnel Intergovernmental Commission for agreement. This procedure is then expected to be a part of DB’s submission for a safety certificate for the tunnel, when  they are preparing to apply to run services from St Pancras to Germany.

The new services will be worked by  class 407 Velaro train sets and, initially, there will be 3 trains each way per day.

Deutsche Bahn say that they will probably be in a position to launch a London to Amsterdam service a year ahead of rival train operator Eurostar.

ICE at St Pancras. Picture:

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