Birmingham’s busiest commuter route to have its electrification extended

The Birmingham Cross-City line is to have its electrification extended from Barnt Green to Bromsgrove.

The work, that will see the famous Lickey incline electrified, will take place within the next 3-4 years. 

Currently the electrification branches off the main line, towards Redditch, at Barnt Green.

It is thought that Bromsgrove could be served by as many as 3 trains an hour once the new service starts.

London Midland trains pass at Longbridge. Picture:

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2 Responses to "Birmingham’s busiest commuter route to have its electrification extended"

  1. John Gilbert says:

    Mmmm. I shall expect it when I see it. Yes, I am totally cynical. I expect the need for a new station at Bromsgrove to be used as a reason to postpone even this short (5 miles) extension of electrification. Of course it could be done to the existing ststion with temporary platform extensions and sidings wired very basically so that the commuters could have a less-than-ideal but nonetheless improved train service. But I don’t somehow think that that is the British way! We’re better at putting things off. So much less work!

  2. Alan Bowers says:

    Comments very true. Look at Thameslink so-called 2000. The British are good at finding a problem for any solution.

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