Public to choose fencing design for Bath’s Sydney Gardens

Network Rail is calling for the public to choose their preferred type of ornate fencing to secure the railway boundary at Sydney Gardens at a public exhibition on 4 November.

This public exhibition follows on from the consultation held in February 2009, when ornate fencing was found to be the preferred option to secure the railway at Sydney Gardens.

The public will have the opportunity to choose from three fencing designs in the style of Victorian, Georgian and contemporary at the exhibition. The most popular design will be put forward to the council for final consent prior to work starting by Spring 2011.

Kristian Alexander, community relations manager for Network Rail said, “The public and the council are supportive of Network Rail’s work to help make the railway at Sydney Gardens safe. Around 99% of people consulted had agreed that we need to take actions to deter trespassers and vandals in the area, and majority of them had also agreed to back any planning application made to secure the railway.

“To maintain the character of the park while securing the area, we have also taken extra steps in creating three design options for the public to choose from. The chosen ornate fencing will have no impact on listed structures in the area and it will also come with gates for people to access during special events.”

The exhibitions will be held from 10am – 8pm at Mercure Francis Hotel (Queen Square, Bath) and public can use the opportunity to view the fencing options, ask any questions and share their comments and feedback.

How Georgian style fencing would look

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