Virgin eliminate four car Voyagers

Virgin Trains has now eliminated four car Class 221 Super Voyager trains from its fleet.

 The project to re-form two four-car Class 221 Super Voyager trains to provide greater flexibility and offer consistency in the operation of Birmingham-Scotland and London-Chester-North Wales services which are booked for Class 221 operation is now complete. Virgin Trains is no longer operating any Class 221 Super Voyager trains as four-car units.

 Set 221144 was taken out of service on November 22 and the two non-driving cars removed and prepared for insertion into sets 221142 and 221143.

 Set 221142 undertook at test run on November 28 and entered service on November 30 as a five car unit on North Wales services.

 Set 221143 did a test run on December 2 and entered service today on North Wales services.

Virgin Voyager. Picture:

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3 Responses to "Virgin eliminate four car Voyagers"

  1. Paul says:

    Four or Five car, these are then worst trains on the Network. I just cannot come to terms with Diesel trains ordered only a few years ago spending their entire lives on a line Electrified in the 60’s/70’s!

  2. dave scott says:

    With 2 spare diesel drivers now available, time for Virgin to experiment with a couple of electric traction units to make hybrid sets which could run through to remote non-electrified destinations, and provide yet more reserve capacity for diverted services.

  3. Jonathan says:

    “Four or Five car, these are then worst trains on the Network.”

    Paul, have you not travelled on a Pacer? I’m no fan of Voyagers but a 142 must surely take the prize for worst train.


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