Over 7 million journeys made on High Speed in a year

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Today marks the first anniversary of the start of High Speed services which has continued to grow from week to week. There have been over 7.2 million journeys made on High Speed over the last year.

Charles Horton, managing director, said, “We are pleased with how the number of people using the High Speed service has grown over the past 12 months. And that the independent passenger focus satisfaction survey showed that 95% of people think it is good or very good.”

Key stats from the past year include:

· 16% of the journeys made on High Speed are made by passengers which did not use the train before

· Tickets to travel on High Speed have been bought at 1800 stations across the UK, which equates to over 70% of all stations.

· The percentage of all journeys to London using High Speed from stations over the last month:

· Ashford International 66%

· Broadstairs 47%

· Canterbury 67%

· Dover Priory 64%

· Folkestone 66%

· Ramsgate 55%

· Strood 41%

“The overall success of the service is testament to the strong industry partnership working with Hitachi, HS1 and Network Rail. The first year has been very encouraging and we are looking forward to more and more people discovering the benefits of travelling by High Speed.”

Paul Chapman, Managing Director HS1, “The High Speed 1 railway has been available every day for over three years, but it is only with positive cooperation between HS1, Southeastern, Hitachi and Network Rail (CTRL) that we can offer passengers such high levels of performance and reliability on the high speed line.”

Alistair Dormer, managing director, Hitachi Rail Europe said: “We are very pleased with the Class 395 fleet performance over the first year. It was a big challenge for Hitachi to introduce a new, high speed train design to the UK for the first time and to deliver high quality maintenance from a new depot and a new maintenance team. Both the Class 395 design and the Hitachi maintenance team have delivered clean, reliable trains, day in day out, since the first day of operation.

“Passenger feedback is extremely positive and reliability performance is strong and continues to grow. We remain committed to continuous improvement and with the support of our suppliers, we are working to ensure further reliability growth and to maintain the high quality of the service. We are extremely grateful for the support from the drivers and staff of Southeastern, and look forward to continuing our excellent partnership.”

Mary Kenny, Chief Executive Officer, Eversholt Rail Group said “The introduction and development of this new service has been a success due to the great cross industry team working and we will continue to work in partnership with Hitachi and Southestern to deliver further improvements in the future”.

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  1. nick says:

    not good news for the high speed deniers as one of their common criticisms of hs2 is the alleged failure of hs1 ! seven million more good reasons to build hs2.

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