Wartime black livery for Flying Scotsman

The National Railway Museum (NRM) has today announced that Flying Scotsman will be painted in Wartime LNER Black before her Apple Green livery is applied this summer.

No.4472 will appear in this livery, with the letters ‘NE’ on the tender side and numbers ‘103’ on one side of the cab and ‘502’ on the other, when carrying out her steam tests and commissioning runs this spring/summer. She will also appear in this livery as part of the NRM’s planned Flying Scotsman Preview Weekend taking place on 28-30 May 2011.

 Steve Davies, Director of the NRM, said:  “When Flying Scotsman is completed this summer, she will of course be painted Apple Green. However, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to offer her fans a bit of variety by seeing her complete her steam tests and commissioning runs in Wartime LNER Black.  The last time ‘Scotsman was seen in this livery was in World War Two, and this will be the first time that No.4472 or any other North Eastern Pacific has been seen in this livery during its preserved existence.”

When in her black livery, Flying Scotsman will also appear without smoke deflectors. However, these will be carried when she is completed and running on the main line in Apple Green.

Flying Scotsman is seen being overhauled at the NRM in 2009. Picture: www.upmain.com

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