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Average age of Britain’s train fleet falls for first time in more than a decade

The average age of Britain’s rolling stock fleet has fallen for the first time since 2005, reflecting the increasing number of new trains arriving on the network.
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Hyperloop: Prospects and Challenges

The much-vaunted Hyperloop, sometimes described by its proponents as the ‘fifth mode of transport’, uses the premise of pods travelling through evacuated tubes to offer high-speed inter-city transport. The concept was first attributed to US-based technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, and independent backers are popping up across the globe, amid huge amounts of publicity. On paper, […]
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RAILWORX: Rail Media and PLANTWORX launch new rail equipment trade show

PLANTWORX, the UK’s largest working plant and equipment exhibition in 2019, is about to get even bigger with the introduction of a new dedicated section for the rail industry.
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Chris Burchell’s ‘George Bradshaw’ address: The Rail industry needs to change over the next 20 years

Writer: Nigel Wordsworth Chris Burchell, chair of the Rail Delivery Group, delivered this year’s George Bradshaw address at the Institution of Civil Engineers. Speaking to a group of almost 200 industry leaders, he chose “Change” as his topic. The George Bradshaw address is given every year by industry leaders to their peers. Last year it […]
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