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New EU strategy triples transport infrastructure budget to €26bn

The European Commission has published a map detailing the nine key transport corridors that it believes will radically improve the current “patchwork” of road and rail links. Announcing the latest[...]
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French rail reform bill announced

Legislation to put SNCF back in charge of France’s rail infrastructure has been unveiled by Transport Minister Frédéric Cuvillier. The reformed structure would see infrastructure manager RFF abolished and replaced[...]
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Spain to consider seat belts following fatal train crash

The Spanish government has said it may look at installing seat belts onboard trains in an effort to improve safety following the Santiago de Compostela crash that killed 79. Minister[...]
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Agreement reached on EU rail safety certification proposal

The European Commission’s Transport Council has reached a ‘general approach agreement’ on plans to simplify the safety approval process across the continent. MEPs are discussing plans to create a Single[...]
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